Playflex Turf 8mm

Playflex Turf 8mm

Indoor and outdoor surfaces for synthetic tennis or multipurpose sports flooring.

Surface Structure

(layers and kg/sqm)

  1. Strong foundation base
  2. Glue 1.0 kg
  3. 4 mm rubber mat
  4. Colour rubber sealer 0.5 kg
  5. Colour base 0.75 kg
  6. Colour base 0.75 kg
  7. Colour top 0.4 kg
  8. Lines

Thanks to its elastic, thick composition and resulting high impact absorption capacity, the system guarantees major comfort, fast game, and perfect ball bounce to players. The Turf 8mm system is easy to apply, it requires little maintenance, and ensures durable performance over the years.

Turf 8mm is ideal as an outdoor court for basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side football and handball.

Playflex Turf 8mm system is classified by ITF in Class 3.