Playflex Cushion 4mm

Playflex Cushion 4mm

Surface for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. The latest generation of innovative and highly advanced sport surfaces.

Surface Structure

(layers and kg/sqm)

  1. Strong foundation base
  2. Resin base 1.0 kg
  3. Cushion 0.5 kg
  4. Cushion 0.5 kg
  5. Cushion 0.5 kg
  6. Cushion 0.5 kg
  7. Colour top 0.5 kg
  8. Colour top 0.5 kg
  9. Colour top 0.5 kg
  10. Lines (total amount) 5.0 kg

Surface suitable for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. The special rubber “cushion” containing granulates without quartz chips, coated with an extremely elastic synthetic resin, makes Cushion 4mm the latest generation of innovative, highly advanced sport surfaces. The elastic potential of the rubbery “cushion” and the high resistance of the synthetic coating combine to produce an extraordinary elasticity of the surface, which reduces joint traumas, greatly increasing players’ safety, while offering all the advantages of a durable flooring that is resistant to weather and UV rays.

Playflex Cushion 4mm system is classified by the Giordano Institute for resistance to fire in class 1 (Italy). Cushion 4mm is a perfect surface for outdoor courts for basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side football and handball.