Playflex Tournament

Playflex Tournament

Surface suitable for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. The special multi-layer composition consists of select SBR granulates and resin.

Surface Structure

(layers and kg/sqm)

  1. Strong foundation base
  2. Resin base 1.0 kg
  3. SBR Cushion 1.0 kg
  4. SBR Cushion 1.0 kg
  5. Cushion 0.5 kg
  6. Colour top 0.5 kg
  7. Colour top 0.5 kg
  8. Colour top 0.5 kg
  9. Lines (total amount) 5.0 kg

The special multi-layer composition consisting of select SBR granulates and 100% synthetic resin with extraordinary binding properties make Playflex Tournament an ideal tennis court surface, since it ensures the perfect ball bounce, comfort and speed required by hard courts, as well as high resistance to weather agents and UV rays.