This surface is suitable for indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Playflex offers all the advantages of a hard court, combined with elasticity and comfort of a synthetic court.

Surface Structure

(layers and kg/sqm)

  1. Strong foundation base
  2. Resin base 1.0 kg
  3. First colour base 0.6 kg
  4. Second colour base 0.5 kg
  5. Colour top 0.4 kg
  6. Lines (total amount) 5.0 kg

The synthetic resin composition produces a uniform surface, which ensures excellent technical performance: improved comfort, perfect ball bounce, excellent friction as well as slide coefficient ratio and high impact absorption to ensure a fast, safe and enjoyable game. The flooring is durable, easy to lay, requires almost no maintenance and is resistant to abrasion and even the most aggressive weather conditions.

Playflex system which is classified by ITF in Class 1 (slow) and by the Giordano Institute for fire resistance in class 1 for Italy, is the official surface in some of the most important international tennis tournaments.

Playflex is also ideal for outdoor basketball, volleyball, 5-A-Side football and handball courts.