Multicourt 2K

Multicourt 2K

Polyurethane two component surface. The safe and versatile Multicourt 2K system is designed especially for indoor sport clubs and multipurpose gyms.

Surface Structure

(layers and kg/sqm)

  1. Strong foundation base
  2. Glue 1.0 kg
  3. 4 mm rubber mat
  4. Rubber sealer 0.5 kg
  5. Multicourt 2 K 2.7 kg
  6. Multicourt finish 0.2 kg
  7. Lines

The granular rubber Sportmat matting and self-leveling polyurethane resin based finish make the surface elastic and resistant and thus ideal for basketball, volleyball, athletics, 5-A-Side football and any other sport which may be played on a synthetic court or in schools.

The system decreases risk of slipping, reduces muscle fatigue, and ensures better ball bounce thanks to the application of casting, which produces a seamless surface that maintains its technical performance over the years.